Kristen Kay is a mother, wife, educator, child advocate, writer, home designer, gardener, world traveler and generous hostess who is mindful of her guests' experience.  

The stars were in alignment when Kristen's mother (a Portsmouth, New Hampshire native) fell in love with her father (a pure bred from Kentucky who was stationed at a military base in her hometown). After leaving the Air Force, Kristen Kay's parents moved South to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky where they raised their family.  

Kristen prides herself on her blended heritage and feels she inherited the best of both worlds. This history inspired her blog section, "North Meets South."  From her Eastern Kentucky Appalachian roots, she knows there isn't a single trait she's more proud of than her Hell Creek Loyalty.   This combined with her New England ancestors who settled much of the land that is called Salisbury, Massachusetts and Kensington, New Hampshire during the mayhem of the Salem Witch Trials.  Her 6th great grandfather, Major Robert Pike was an integral figure in helping to end the absurdity of that time.  


It seems this passion for justice has remained in her blood. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Education and a Master's Degree in Education, Kristen Kay has spent her adult life advocating for childrens' rights in the public education sector, as both an educator and private advocate.

A steadfast believer in fate, it's only fitting that Kristen was destined to meet, fall in love, and marry a New Hampshire native, settling only 3 miles from where her own mother was raised. This full circle moment has allowed Kristen and her husband, Eric, the opportunity to raise their 2 daughters, while personally remodeling a 206 year-old New England Colonial home.  They make travel a priority in their lives because they both share a philosophy that traveling is not only a vacation, but an education.  

Kristen Kay is mindful about creating a personal sanctuary in any space, no matter the place. Whether she's in her home or her Secret Garden, she creates a loving and multi-sensory surrounding for her family and close friends.  Secret Garden Style, allows Kristen Kay to share these secrets and passions with you as well.  Enjoy!


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"The biggest adventure you can take is

to live the life of your dreams." ~ Oprah Winfrey